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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big Brand Theory Part II

Friday I posted this interesting graphic on branding-- the idea is that some items may be recognizable based soley on a clip of their logo-- and CJ Kennedy hit it in the comments section when she mentioned it works if you know the brand.

I've reposted the image with the brands now listed-- most of you who emailed in did pretty well, but there was a real skew between beer drinkers and fans of soft drinks.

I myself (because I know you're curious) knew Coke Zero, Mountain Dew, Fanta (although I wasn't sure if it was Sunkist), wasn't sure about Pepsi but suspected it, knew A&W, 7Up, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull and Coke Classic.

So I scored a 62.5 on the test.  D-
And if you minus out the ones I wasn't sure of I get a 50, reminding me of my old Geometry Days back at Vernon Hill Middle School.

So I'd say the theory of brand recognition in snippet form is weak at best.

Although in my defense, I don't drink out of cans.
Yup-- I do not drink out of cans, and I'd never heard of Tiger (although it was founded in 1932 and has a good logo), would never drink something called Pocari Sweat and I drank a Red Bull once in my life back when they were the sponsor of an event I was running and I nearly hurled it right back up.

I also don't drink Pepsi, and when I do drink soda it's either Coke Zero, Ginger Ale or Diet Coke.  I know Mountain Dew even though I think it's nearly as ghastly as Red Bull because all of my students drink it.

So there you have it folks-- the brand theory exposed.
I'd say fail.