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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Morerer Dracula

It's been a while since I posted Dracula pages-- well, the past few days not withstanding, but the ones I have generated a good deal of email.

Here are a few questions about Dracula with my answers;

Q. Is this a literal adaption of Stoker's original?
A. Yes, but like nearly every other adaption I'm taking some liberties with it.  I'm not doing anything silly like making Lucy Van Helsing's daughter (as they did in the Frank Langella Dracula) or combining Quincy and Arthur into one character.   Even Francis Ford Coppolla's film, BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA made some extreme changes-- not the least of which was giving Dracula a sympathetic motivation-- he just wanted to be reunited with his lost love.


I've read Stoker's original a dozen times-- Dracula is a cold evil creature who wants only to spread his vampire plague in an effort to conquer Europe.

The biggest flaw in Stoker's work (if I dare question a classic) is that the book is not scary enough and the characters are a bit flat.  I owe that to storytelling methods of the day-- each character often remarks how wonderful another character is.  The male leads are all described as tall, dark and handsome.  I'm trying to stay faithful to the intent of the novel while exploring elements only hinted at.

Q. Why is Dracula bald?   In the book he's an old man with long white hair.
A. I'm basing the look on the character on my good friend Kevin, whom I often dub Lex Luthor, and the original screen Dracula, Max Schreck in NOSFERATU.

Q. When is the book coming out, how long is it and who's publishing it?
A. I'm hoping it'll be out Halloween 2013-- it's in the Spring Catalog so I'm pretty confident, but as they say it is beyond my control.  The book is 125pages long, full color graphic novel and published by McFarland Press in North Carolina.  This is my second book with them.  I was very happy with the process doing WEREWOLVES OF WISCONSIN so I was happy when they invited me back for a second book.

Q. I thought you were doing a Dracula book with Nazi's?
A. This book is set in 1897, prior to the Nazi movement in Germany.  BUT if there is a sequel, and I'm hoping their might be-- it will be set in 1931, so expect Nazi's.