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Thursday, February 28, 2013

KING KOOP!! Mini Cooper Attack!

I believe you NEED three things in your life:

1. Family and friends you can trust, love and confide in.
2. A Good Primary Care Physician
3. A Good Mechanic.

I'd probably also cite a good accountant, and even better a good tax attorney-- but I know some very successful people who are able to balance their own books.

I'm lucky in that I have all three.

LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR:  If you are taking your car to a dealership you might as well hand your ATM card and PIN to the next homeless guy you find and tell him to have at it-- because you are throwing your money away.

I'm not saying SOME dealerships screw you-- ALL dealerships screw you.  Okay?
So find a good mechanic, one you can trust.  One who is not out to buy his new beach house based on what repairs your car needs, because after all for most of us the mechanic has you at his or her mercy each and every time they look under your hood.

Peter Eames is my guy-- and has been for the past five or so years.  Not only is he and his team excellent, they treat you like a person and best of all;  Pete believes in Karma.  That's a big piece of advice I can offer you, in dealing with anyone if they believe in Karma you're not going to go wrong.

His garage is a Mini Cooper Specialist-- but don't let that scare you away-- he's kept my Pontiac Grand Am running like a top since the day I bought it new and he's never let me down.  I cannot stress how much I recommend the service.

I did this piece, KING KOOP as an homage to Pete and the Mini Coop-- Pete's been kind enough to hang some of my artwork in his shop and I thought I'd try something that might appeal to his regulars.
This Limited Edition 11x17 Full Color print will also be available at my London Gallery show next year (The Coop is after all, British).

But if you're looking for a good mechanic give Pete and Thom a call--

143A Hamilton Street
Worcester MA