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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hillary Is Still In It to Win It (Blog Repost)

I'm reposting this from a 2008 Election post, mainly because the picture makes me laugh:
Hilary Clinton Meets with Supporters at a Town Hall Meeting

Hillary Clinton refuses to leave the race for president even though many experts are saying it's a mathmatical impossibility for her to win the nomination.

Her town hall meetings (shown left) have also dwindled in attendence causing many to speculate that her followers are starting to loose faith.

Personally, I think she should stay in as long as possible. Firstly because you should never count a Clinton out. Secondly because although I think Barrack O'Bama is an inspiring speaker-- he is frighteningly similar to Mass Governor Deval "One Termer" Patrick who is proving that a lack of leadership experience leads to a lack of leadership and solutions to problems like adding a 50c gas tax onto already ridiculously high gas prices and budget projections based on Casino's which don't even exist.

Either way, it makes for an entertaining election season.