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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get a life (or at least a Mirror)!

And baseball caps too.

Okay, this has to be said;


Yes, I wear sweatpants when I'm at the gym, but trust me, if you're walking around everyday life wearing sweatpants I can almost guarantee you aren't spending any time in the gym. In fact, I'd say just the opposite.

I realize this is fruitless to point out here mainly because unless someone makes a commercial and airs it between Jerry Springer and Wife Swap on Fox, the people who are the offenders aren't going to see this. They certainly don't spend a lot of time reading, and I'm guessing their day basically consists of rolling out of bed and stumbling out into the street.

And that goes for Pajama pants too-- they are not made to wear in public-- you look like a damn fool.

But please...stop.