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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don't Worry-- I'll share it with all of you!

Well, I won a million dollars yesterday.

I'll tell you, as excited and grateful as I am, I really just can't believe how easy it was! In fact, I didn't do anything-- not even enter the contest that I won, but here's the news in my email from Mrs. Liuzzy Edmonds, whose email happens to be;

"Dear Winner

I am pleased to inform you that you have won $1 million dollars in our lottery and we would like to know where to send your winnings. Please respond quickly-- this is a limited time offer of prize award.


Mrs. Lizzy Edmonds"

Wow! You bet your bottom dollar I responded quickly!

"Dear Mrs. Edmonds!

I can't believe the luck! I know the old saying is you can't win if you don't play-- but you just proved that age old sage advice wrong! Please send the money in small bills as I can't yet afford a fancy tri-fold wallet.


Andy Fish"

It's so exciting-- and yes I will share all my winnings with you, my faithful friends who for want of something better to do somehow find yourselves reading this blog. Just send your info to Mrs. Edmonds and tell her you want in too!


Man, Mrs. Edmonds is fast-- I already got a response from her-- and the subject line says PAYMENT FORM CLEARANCE SCHEME! Talk about truth in advertising!

Here's what the dear lady has to say today;

"Dear Winner

Attached please find an attached document which you should fill out and send back to us right away. I implore you to do this today as this offer is a very LIMITED time offer and will end quickly! If you can't open the document for some reason, please send your pertinent information including phone number and fax via email.

Thank you

Mrs. Lizzy Edmonds"

Man, I continue to be so excited.

My response;

From: Andy Fish <>

Mon, Mar 10, 2008 11:50 am

Dear Lizzy-

Thank you so much for this, the funds provided in this win will aide greatly in the care of the sixteen orphan children I have recently taken charge of.

Since I have been unable to feed them anything of substance in the past four weeks, your assistance in handling this transaction quickly is greatly appreciated-- as I'm sure you would understand.
Unfortunately I'm unable to open your virus laden attached document, so I'll have to respond this way.
My email is this one, my full name is Andres Tiberias Fish, my phone number is 508.438.0216* and we sadly had to cook and eat the fax machine this past weekend.

Please let me know what other information I can provide, including complete bank account info, social security numbers, both my atm and passcode, all secret passwords and any other highly sensitive documents I'm certain you'll need to process my $1million dollar check.
Yours sincerely

I'm emptying out the top drawer of my dresser for all the cash, I'm not sure if they are sending ones or fives, if it's ones I might have to use the whole dresser. Hopefully I will be able to win another lottery so I can afford to head over to IKEA and pick up another dresser just for clothes.