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Monday, January 14, 2013


Why TCM you might ask?  550 channels on DirecTV (whose service I recommend by the way) so why do I go over the week's schedule from this particular channel and cover other gems like Honee Boo Boo (please don't write if I spelled that wrong I don't care)?


I think TCM is the most valuable channel there is.  They alone stand showing true classic films of world cinema without commercials and without editing.  I have total understanding if you love movies like THE HANGOVER or one of the other similar comedies from the same creative folk-- mindless fun is still fun-- and I'm guilty-- I'll watch ROBOT MONSTER (1953) whose only charming point is a gorilla with a space helmet walking around-- so who am I to judge?

But TCM and the world of classic films can be daunting-- and admittedly tough to figure out what someone might watch if they're just getting into it-- so I'm offering my thoughts and recommendations because I've seen a good 80% of their entire film library.

Today starting at 245pm is a block of films from (I believe) RKO from the early 40s that might be worth your time.
First up is THE BOOGIE MAN WILL GET YOU (1942) which is actually the first loose film version of Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)-- it's vastly inferior but its got a good cast including Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre.
At 4pm is STAND BY ALL NETWORKS (1942) which is a slick little programmer about a radio reporter trying to expose Nazi agents.
515pm gets you SUBMARINE RAIDER (1942) which takes on the Japanese in this WWII action programmer, while at 630pm is THE TRUTH ABOUT ABOUT MURDER (1946) which I know nothing about but they often program similar films.

Thursday has CRY DANGER (1951) at 8pm which is a hard hitting Film Noir with Dick Powell seeking revenge.

Friday is Cary Grant's birthday, so they're putting on a few of his good ones starting at 8am with MR LUCKY (1943) which in my opinion is one of his lesser roles, but jump in at Noon for GUNGA DIN (1939) which is a well regarded action epic-- if you like Indiana Jones you'll like this, at 2pm is THE PHILIDELPHIA STORY (1940) in which Cary plays CK DEXTER HAVEN which you will be saying like Jimmy Stewart in a drunken rage if you watch it-- and I suggest you do.  At 4pm  is NOTORIOUS which is Grant's best film with Hitchcock and that's saying something because he made some great ones with the master director.  That's the MUST SEE PIC PICK OF THE WEEK.

Saturday at 115pm is SAHARA (1943) with Humphrey Bogart and J Carrol Naish as the original desert rats.  It's a gripping war drama even if you're like me and you don't like war dramas.

The Essentials tonight is LOLITA (1962) which I'll pass on but I'm sure its great.