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Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm going to be extremely picky this week.
Wednesday we have THE MUMMY (1959) which is hands down the best thing HAMMER FILMS ever did. It's on at 215pm.  Followed by THE BODY SNATCHER (1945) with Henry Daniell being plagued by Boris Karloff-- great RKO Horror fest directed by Robert Wise.

Saturday at 1045am is MURDER IN THE AIR (1940) with Ronald Reagan as secret agent Brass Bancroft-- and its pretty good.
At Noon is TORCHY BLANE IN PANAMA (1938) which is the best of the series in my opinion, and it's the only one with Lola Lane as Torchy, which might explain why I like it so much.

The Essentials tonight is CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (1937) which is a legitimate classic with Spencer Tracy and Freddie Bartholomew in an story by Kipling.  This is well worth your time.