ANDY FISH is a comic book artist

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Take The Plunge-- Learn the Craft!

For the past five years we've been developing the ART OF GRAPHIC NOVELS online course through Emerson College, at first I was against the idea of online, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it's the way graphic novels are done.

I communicate with editors and publishers completely through the internet, so having a course like this is a natural.

Just some of what you'll learn in my class:

1. Storytelling-- how to come up with ideas, keep the plot and pacing moving and knowing what to keep and what to cut.
2. Composition-- what's the best way to show what you're trying to tell?
3. The importance of professional lettering; learning to love your words as much as your pictures.
4. How to prevent over-writing.
5. Finding the right shot-- the importance of thumbnailing.
6. Inking techniques
7. Using reference

AND more!

Sign up today!  Visit the website here or email and tell her you want to sign up for Andy Fish's class!

Next set of classes starts January 29, 2013