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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mezco Toyz 18" Frankenstein!

Mezco Toyz released this great giant Frankenstein Monster Scale Figure-- he stands about 18" tall and has limited articulation-- he reminds me a great deal of a model kit that came out when I was a kid called GIANT FRANKIE from Aurora Model Company--

 the thing is I don't like putting models together so when they re-released the kit I passed but almost daily re-thought my thinking on it, so I was thrilled to grab one of these.

Never happy with anything, I disliked the paint scheme which is very dark, and likely screen accurate. My fondness for The Monster lies not only with the original Karloff films but with the amazing paintings of Basil Gogos-- one of greatest painters to work on the legendary FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND Magazine in the 60s and 70s, Gogo's paintings were bright and vibrant but still captured the horror of the original films:

So I took my own figure and repainted it in a Gogos style!

I posted it online at the UNIVERSALMONSTERARMY and was contacted by Mezco to do one for them as well, which I'm working on this week.