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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making the switch to NPR

Originally I was going to put a pic of Michael Moore, but I refuse to have pictures of Out of Touch Fat Rich Bastards on here, which is why you won't see Rush Limbaugh either.   (I happen to think they are the same person, like Mike Myers playing Austin Powers and Dr Evil)

With the format change in Boston's WTKK which had the brilliant Jim and Margery Show on in the morning and the even brillianter John Batchelor Show on later at night (with a lot of dribble in between) I have to find sometime else to start my mornings with.

I don't like shock jocks-- although I liked Imus in his prime because there was terrific wit there-- spot on voice actors singing "I Hate You Babe" to the tune of the Sonny and Cher classic done as Bill Clinton and Al Gore explaining why Gore refused to allow Clinton to campaign for him in the 2000 election.

Jim and Margery, although so politically opposite of me the scale would have flipped over, treated guests with opposing thoughts fairly and best of all the show featured a great chemistry between the two of them.  Neither of them was as good without the other when they would be absent.

WTKK decided I wasn't spending enough on their advertisers so they switched over to several different formats in the two weeks since apparently landing on Top 40 junk because there's not enough of that on already.

At first I tried WCRN right here in the Woo but rather than my buddy Hank Stolz I found some guy talking about gadgets.   It was okay but honestly I'm just not that obsessed with whether or not the iPhone 5 will be bigger or smaller than the 4.

So I jumped over to NPR because all my liberal friends tell me thats the place to be.

One day in and I don't know if I can take it.  Today a woman named Diane who was perfectly professional but clearly just shy of 100 years old hosted a talk about the flu and had several doctor's on. I like the idea of multiple guests because it keeps the conversation moving, except I forgot-- this is NPR.

NPR is the home of the left, the politically correct, the offended at everything, the quick to complain and the last to fight.  I suspect a loud noise would startle most of the listeners into some level of high risk trauma which is why the talk is almost always at just below whisper level-- radio like there's a sick person in the bed next to you at Chelsea General.

One thing NPR does that is extremely annoying is they sign off a show-- go to commercial, and then come back and they are still talking on the same show.  I assume this is because some affiliates drop for local stuff but it's still drives me bonkers.  You think a show or subject is wrapped up and then come back from the break only to find NOPE we're going to go another half hour on this.