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Friday, January 18, 2013


How's this for a recommendation?
I haven't even seen a copy of this yet but I'm going on the record to say it's going to be awesome!  How do I know?
Craig Yoe and IDW.

Simply put, they are putting out some of the best books regarding the comics field that have ever been produced.  They are doing what Fantagraphics started doing back in the early 80s-- putting out stuff we must have but didn't even know existed.

Yoe is a fantastic designer-- his books are rich and thick-- with that great high quality book smell and design that makes each and every page drip with style.  His previous efforts are also so highly recommended it's off the chart:

ZOMBIES: THE CHILLING ARCHIVES offers a collection of stories meant to be read under the covers with a flashlight because your parents will yell at you for reading such horrific trash.

BOB POWELL'S TERROR!  Still more great vintage horror tales beautifully presented in an amazing design.

DICK BRIEFER'S FRANKENSTEIN an amazing run on a book that started out funny and turned into a horror title.  Briefer makes it work. Stunning.

IDW is constantly hitting it out of the park, they've released their substantial Artists Editions which are full sized (oversized by publishing standards) reproductions shot from the actual original art so you can see every line, every blemish and more importantly REALLY see the work-- the WALLY WOOD edition was hands down my favorite, but it was hard to pass up others with David Mazzuchelli and John Romita.  Will Eisner is the next one up and I've already got it on order.

Kudos to IDW and to Craig Yoe for such stellar work.