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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Growing up I would constantly hear how terrible it must be to have a birthday next to Christmas, I never saw it.  I don't think as a kid you can appreciate anything other than what you know, so its not all that unusual to you when it relates to your world.

My mom always made a point to make my birthday special, as did my aunt who always gave me art supplies and the rest of my family-- I always thought it was a  nice way to carry on the holiday a few more days.

Today I like the week between Christmas and New Years probably more than any other-- I try to fit in some of my favorite things this week and its a great chance to reflect back on the year that went by way too fast.

Being born on December 27th that makes me a Capricorn-- fellow Cappies include Cary Grant, which is okay by me.

Here's the description;
Capricorns take things seriously. Capricorns can solve any problem, and enjoy the mental and physical challenge of difficult problems. Capricorns are wary, and do not trust others easily. Because of that, we do not make friends easily and quickly. But once a trust is established, we remain loyal and true. We behave with dignity, and do not like to hurry. We are very stubborn, and this leads to dogmatic tendencies. Capricorns can sometimes lack a sense of humor, their dry wit biting. Capricorns can and do work hard for long periods of time, and have achieved premient positions worldwide. Like their symbol -- the goat -- Capricorns can face any challenge. Capricorns also have a very good memory, being able to hold many, many minute details or facts over long periods of time. This gift also makes Capriocorns unwilling to forgive: we have been known to hold grudges for many years. Capricorns often drown themselves in work to avoid the emotional part of life. Capricorns like to be in control of things, though you tend to be rather delicate and emotionally fragile.

Well, you had me with that description right up to "tend to be rather delicate and emotionally fragile" which made me to a spit-take of my coffee-- nope not me at all.

Is there anything to horoscopes or are the descriptions just so general it fits anyone?

Here's a bit more:

As a parent, a Capricorn is paternal, responsible, dutiful: always looking out for the best for one's family. Capricorns want their children to suceed, and will provide them with whatever they need to better their lives. Capricorn parents do not spoil, and help focus drifting artistic types. You are good at teaching your kids how to reach their goals.
The Capricorn style is true and definite. For home decor, Capricorns choose classic looks, whether it be from Asian to Amish. In the South, the looks of 'old money' are a favorite: high ceilings, rich dark woods, rich colors. In the north, Ivy League Gothic is always a favorite. Even modern styled houses have their fine woods and solid structures. Fashion wise, once Capricorns have found a fashion image they feel confortable in, they keep it. You buy suitable and nice clothes, and will scrounge sales to find the best deals. You stick to basics: buying only what you need.
Capricorns are like turtles. They have very resistant and tough outsides, and are quite defensive. They don't open up easily, because on the inside they are very vunerable and real. Like the turles, Capricorns will often pull the exposed pasts of themselves back inside their shells, and it difficult to get them to come back out again. They are sure, steady, and always win their race.

Well, again up to the vulnerable part-- I was the guy Simon and Garkfunkel wrote about when they came up with "I am an Island" as a song although there's likely part of the song where we realize the person is actually soft and gentle, I'm so insensitive I never paid enough attention to it.

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Capricorns and to the rest of you as well.