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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Election

I did vote for President Obama the last time around-- I was a big fan of John McCain circa 2000 but felt he was a different candidate in 2008-- and Sarah Palin was the deal breaker for me-- not just because I felt she was a little bit loose in the brain cells, but because I felt it showed McCain made bad choices.

I fell for the idea of HOPE and CHANGE and change I got-- gas went from $2 a gallon to $4 a gallon. I'm pretty tired of hearing people tell me the president has nothing to do with the price of gas.  That's baloney.  The president was able to "save" the auto industry from bankruptcy but unable to help out the average working person who is likely going bankrupt paying these prices??  The Buck stops with you Mr. President.

The problem with Obama is that he was never a leader-- and this is not the place for on the job training, and we're showing the results.

Romney has run several business' as well as the State of Massachusetts and the Olympics.  I think he has the ability.

In the US Senate race-- I'm with Scott Brown all the way.  Not only has he done a stellar job I cannot support someone who is so aghast at the idea of crossing the aisle to work with the other party as Elizabeth Warren is in dealing with the Republicans, who she sees as an evil empire.  Brown has shown he can work with Democrats and the last thing we need is another member of the government stalemate.

On the questions-- here's how I feel...
1- The ballot question is moot-- YES if there was still a need for it-- We should be able to decide who we bring our cars to for service-- and I'm sorry if you take your out of warranty car to a dealer for service you are paying about 5X more than you should.

2- A reluctant NO.  While I support the idea of physician assisted suicide if you are in a terminal illness and suffering, there are too many doctor's who oppose it and I'm concerned that the process happens without a doctor present.

3- A big NO.  Legalizing Medical Marijuana for those whose symptoms is not a bad idea.  What is a bad idea is the idea that all you need is a note for a lifetime pass to be able to shop at "POT SHOPS" that will spring up all over the place.  I don't think we need a bunch of stoners hanging around our neighborhoods.  Make Medical Marijuana available at pharmacies and with a prescription that needs to be refilled with conditions and I'll sign on board.  This is not the law we should have, this is a bad idea.

Vote this Tuesday.
UPDATE: Read the Comments section-- Jim makes some great points on the gas prices being pre-Obama and I appreciate his input.