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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Gaijin Visits Japan Part VI: Breakfast

You will not find this in Japan
I am a creature of obnoxious musts.  Veronica often laughs that she can't keep track of the things I hate or the order that they fall into-- true-- I HATE Wal*Mart and Best Buy has become a close second so if I have to shop I prefer the Natick Collection and the Apple Store over Wally World or their like.

But one thing I do insist on is Breakfast.

I eat Breakfast almost everyday-- and on the days I'm too busy and have an apple or a banana for breakfast my whole day is usually shot.

I'm not talking a bowl of cold cereal either, breakfast in my definition is the first HOT meal of the day, and there better be some kind of chicken embryo somewhere nearby or I'm gonna be cranky.  Yes, sometimes I can just have a bowl of Oatmeal, but the one thing that is a MUST is coffee.  I should have a sign that hangs around my neck saying "Please don't talk to me until I've had my coffee".

I sound like fun don't I?  Well my wife is stunningly beautiful, her latest physical exam classified her as being in Olympic Athlete condition, she speaks four languages and can cook like a pro-- so I must be doing something right.

The first hotel we stayed at-- which was an absolutely beautiful modern hotel with a slightly European flair in the Shibuya district of Tokyo featured a two floor penthouse (which is where we stayed) and a fantastic staff with an attached restaurant and a tiny cafe-- said tiny cafe was charming and offered "American Breakfast"-- sounds like a no brainer to me.

I'm not sure where in America people eat Salad, a slice of Raw Chicken and Cold Spaghetti, but that's what I got the first time through.

When I questioned if this was an American Breakfast-- I was told very politely that yes, this is what they eat in America.

And the Coffee was extremely weak.

Second day through I went with pancakes-- and they were almost pancake like, more tiny crepes than Pancake but still good.

On the Third day I found a place that had not only toast but hard boiled eggs- although it seemed like no one ever ordered them-- I made up for that.

It took me quite a while to find a cup of coffee that gave me the taste of a nice fresh roasted cup of hot (or iced) coffee, but I did eventually find some, ironically the first place was in a can served HOT out of a vending machine on the street.

In Tokyo they have vending machines that sell everything from cigarettes to small animals in them.

Next Week: Halloween In Japan