ANDY FISH is a comic book artist

Friday, October 5, 2012


My lovely wife Veronica has finished part one of her amazing take on FRANKENSTEIN and its available right now.  I have a copy and let me tell you it will blow you away.  And if you order by midnight tonight you get 20% off if you enter coupon code PLUMA at the checkout.

Mary Shelley’s classic gothic drama is re-imagined with new intensity. With a nod to German Expressionism and Art Deco, Veronica Fish recreates this complex story of patriarchs, relationships, abandonment, and the struggle of the human condition. Set in 1921, Victor Frankenstein is an ambitious graduate student living in a modest apartment in Ingolstadt. Having spent the last 2 years virtually a hermit, embroiled in laborious, unorthodox medical practices, he is about to arrive at the summit of his arduous, and secret, life's work.

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