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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Gaijin Visits Japan: Part VII

I'm told KFC in Japan is great-- if I won't eat there here, I won't eat there there!
MERRY HALLOWEEN!  Proclaimed the signs in several of the stores in Tokyo-- I'm not sure they understand Halloween or even offer Trick or Treat as an activity but the Japanese have definite embraced my favorite holiday.

I'm not sure why Colonel Sanders would be dressed as a witch or why they would have pretty young women in Bikini's also sporting witch costumes handing out samples outside KFC-- okay wait a minute-- that makes sense-- but I'm all for my friends in the far east jumping on the Halloween Bandwagon.

My favorite Holiday in my Favorite Country-- yes you cannot beat Halloween in New England-- and Salem is the Halloween Capital of the World as far as I'm concerned but Japan gives it a solid A for effort.

We went to dinner with our friend Yuka who lives just outside Tokyo-- and she wanted to try Buffalo Wings which I'd seen a sign for in the shopping district of Shibuya- after an hours search I found it again and it was about a minutes walk from our hotel had I gone the other way.

PAKUTCH! is a chain that offers American food-- burgers looked solid (didn't try one) and the Buffalo wings were pretty close-- although there were no drums, no celery and no blue cheese, but taste wise they were right on the money.

Veronica had a deep fried mashed potato burger that was absolutely out of this world.