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Thursday, October 11, 2012

24 Hour Comics Workshop at CC LOWELL

For anyone who is even considering doing the 24 hour comics challenge (locally next week here at WAM) Veronica and I are doing a FREE Workshop at CC LOWELL to give you valuable tips and techniques as well as an overview of recommended supplies so that you can accomplish it successfully.

I've finished it four times (attended it seven)-- the fastest in 9 hours and Veronica accomplished the goal twice (Both times that she participated) with her fastest time at just under 10 hours.

It's not impossible and its also not grueling if you do things right.  Thought beforehand is absolutely the key to making it productive and rewarding.

The event is beneficial not just to amatuers wanting to give comics a try-- it's essential for professionals to give them insight into how to work better and faster.  I've learned a lot doing these and continue to do so with each new event.

Any good artist remains a constant student-- always learning.

The workshop is FREE, it's this Saturday at CC LOWELL on Park Ave in the Woo-- give them a call (508 757-7713) or visit their website to find out more or to register.