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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Get Things Done

Got this email from a student;

Hey Andy,

I feel like I'm doing all I can without totally losing my focus.  I can't figure out how some people do all they do, it makes no sense to me.  
Four classes is all I can keep up with, along with writing/rewriting/editing scripts on the weekends.  I don't even spend much time with my friends anymore.
Hell, even with things the way they are I'm starting to get frustrated and stressed out.  

Any ideas on what to do here...?


Basically, write yourself a to-do list complete with times and then stick with it.  You'd be surprised how much you get misdirected with distractions thoughout the day.

So it would look something like this;

8am-10am - class  (change with whatever day your class is)
1030am-1pm - write script
1pm-130pm - lunch
130pm - 5pm - class assignments
5pm-7pm - study Hitchcock Films (or whatever)
7pm-8pm - dinner
8pm - 10pm - free time (surf net, watch TV, hang with friends, etc)

Sticking to that schedule is like having a job and you're expected to be certain places at certain times working on assignments.

I've said before I get more done when I have classes I have to teach, when I have 18 hours wide open in the studio I don't always focus.

But right now, today, here is what my day looks like-- tell me it doesn't take focus;

1. Finish Batman piece for DC -Africa project
2. Finish Pulp Fiction Illo for Wired Magazine
3. Meet with Jim at Alphagraphics to discuss prints for upcoming show
4. Meet with WAM to discuss the 24 hour comic challenge next month
5. Do 8x8 piece for Arts Worcester
6. 2pgs of Dracula complete & sent to publisher
7. Call Sally about Anthology
8. Call Ming about MICE Show in Sept.
9. Finish Superman illo for Harvard Bookstore

So taking all that into account, I have to stay organized and focused.  I'll make the phone calls while I'm driving to meet Jim at Alphagraphics which is within walking distance to WAM (so I'll do those two together, knocking off four items on my list).  The morning is spent answering email-- I get a lot-- and then it's the rest of the day working in my studio.

Focus is all about control.  Control is all about organization.  Organization is all about breaking things down into simple essential steps.