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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

POLITICS and the Presidency

What a REAL Leader looks like.
Anyone who doesn't care about Politics or doesn't think it affects them should look at their fuel bill, and if you think the president has little or nothing to do with the price of gasoline then you are letting him off the hook too easily.

Were I president I would make three things essentials;

1. A legitimate alternative energy program to power our vehicles.  We've developed steam powered engines which can drive a car at speeds of up to 120 mph -- why aren't we driving them?  Because the oil companies and the car manufacturers are in the same bed together and don't want to rock the boat.

I would have the heads of both the auto industry and the oil companies in the Oval Office and explain to them that they have 24 months to eliminate our need for gasoline and provide an alternative or I turn the project over to a new earth-bound NASA like organization whose primary goal will be to put both of them out of business.  No kidding around boys.

2. No military action ANYWHERE in the world without a formal declaration of War-- and once declared we use every weapon at our disposal to end those wars quickly.  This country went to hell with the Korean conflict when we stopped fighting wars and started half assed police actions which put our troops in harms way while not backing them up 100% on the homefront-- if we'd fought WWII this way we'd all be Nazi's right now.

3. Eliminate term limits for the president.
This one is a no brainer.  If you owned a company and needed to hire someone to run it for you as CEO and they were doing an incredible job would you fire them simply because they'd held the job for eight years?  Of course you wouldn't-- you'd be an idiot and your business would be failing.

We limit what the president can accomplish because two years in he's running for re-election and then in his second term he's a lame duck and everyone in congress can just wait him out.

If we had no term limits for the highest office Bill Clinton would likely still be president and this is one Republican (of which I am now most certainly a RINO) who couldn't be happier if he was.  Clinton was an amazing president who had the most important thing a president has to have;


Something we haven't seen since he's been out of office and something we're likely not to see with Mitt either.