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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comics on the Nook

Just a sampling of 50,000 comics & graphic novels listed
Barnes and Noble has finally gotten its act together in terms of offering comics on The Nook via it's official store.  The Kindle Fire kicked its rear in this field and there was a little war between DC Comics and B&N when DC initially announced an exclusive with The Kindle.

Well, wars only last so long-- and eventually people forget what they were mad about and now you can buy a lot of comics and graphic novels on The Nook.  

While a lot of notable titles are missing (Where is Frank Miller's RONIN?)  there is a huge assortment of the Marvel and  DC Comics libraries as well as independent titles like ATOMIC ROBO and THE WALKING DEAD currently being offered.  Enough to fill a nice summer reading list.

If you're new to comics/graphic novels and have a Nook here's a quick suggestion list to start your library:

1. Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS (not to be confused with DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN).  Miller's seminal Batman story and the basis for this years film.
2. BATMAN YEAR ONE - Miller teams with David Mazzuchelli to produce a brilliant film noirish take on Batman's origin.
3. Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN a dozen or so volumes.  This series will blow your socks off.
4. THE WALKING DEAD 16+ volumes.  If you like the show you might like the original series, but be warned it is full of plot spoilers for the show and is a bit darker than the series (if that's possible).
5. Y THE LAST MAN - This is highly recommended by a lot of my friends.
6. ALL STAR SUPERMAN- A great take on The Man of Steel-- a character who surprisingly doesn't have a lot of  great takes in comics.
7. Frank Miller's SIN CITY - if you saw the movie and liked it, you'll like this.  Check out Miller's 300 too.
8. ATOMIC ROBO- Fun comics at a time when there is not a lot of fun in comics.
9. MARZI - Story of a young girl growing up in Poland.  Beautifully told and beautifully drawn.
10. Marvel Masterworks THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - forget the angsty Twilight-like new movie, these are the original stories of Marvel's greatest character by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.