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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Take a Class; Comic Art Ages 8-14 at Annie's Book Stop

Annie's Book Stop is offering a cartooning class this summer Fridays taught by Bret Herholz.  From Bret's blog;

Annie's Book Stop of Worcester has invited me to teach cartooning classes on fridays from July 20th till August 31st at their store at 65 James Street in Worcester, MA.

You have a choice between taking either a morning or afternoon session for $87.50 each or you can take both the morning and afternoon class together for $175.00 total.

In Session One, I will be teaching Cartooning in the morning from 10 AM till 12 NOON and in the afternoon I will be teaching Comic Art.

In Session Two, I will be teaching Create Your Own Super Hero in the morning andDrawn Animation in the afternoons. These classes are scheduled for the same time periods as the first session.

If you wish to sign up for two classes, you can either sign up for consecutive classes in the same session or sign up for one class in the first session and another in the second session.

If you're interested you can either stop by Annie's Book Stop of Worcester during normal business hours to pick up a sign up sheet or e-mail me to find out more about the classes.

You can contact Bret through his blog.