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Monday, June 18, 2012


SPARTACUS (1960) is on tomorrow night at 8pm, its an Epic film and I'm not a fan of Epic films but this one has a tremendous reputation so maybe you should watch it and tell me if I'm missing something.

8am on Wednesday is NORTHERN PURSUIT (1943) which is a slick little Warners programmer starring Errol Flynn as a Mountie fighting Nazi's in Canada.

At 1045pm is OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES (1945) which is a nice little melodrama capturing the life of a midwestern family with some great performances.

615pm on Thursday we have WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (1956) which is directed by Fritz Lang (one of my favorite directors) and features Dana Andrews and John Barrymore and telling the story of a serial killer on the loose.

Saturday THE BLACK SCORPION (1957) is on at 730am, interesting giant bug movie in a decade of giant bug movies.

The Dick Tracy serial wraps up with the final three chapters starting at Noon.  MUST SEE PIC Pick of the Week in a week with not a lot to recommend it.  Serials can be entertaining and their a form of entertainment that once ruled the screen.

The Essentials this week is REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE which is of course highly recommended for teen angst 50s drama as well as James Dean's performance-- but you'll have to watch it without me, not my thing.