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Monday, June 4, 2012

This Week on TCM: THE BLACK CAT!

Karloff and Lugosi in their first teaming at Universal

THE WOMEN (1939) is on today at 8am-- a notable film with a stellar cast-- it's a little talky but just the kind of thing to ease you into a Monday.

THE STING (1973) is on tonight at Midnight-- one of Veronica's favorite movies-- it's meh for me.  I can certainly appreciate the movie for what it is but there's something about period movies done in the 70s that seem out of place for me-- maybe it's the fact that actors still kept their 70s hair do's.

Start complaining about a sore throat Tuesday at Work because Wednesday is the day to stay in and watch some amazing movies (is it Halloween already??) starting early (and I'm seriously taking the day off to watch these--even though I have all of them on DVD) with
6am - FRANKENSTEIN (1931) It's alive!
715 - Doctor X (1932) Lionel Atwill gives a great performance and Fay Wray screams like no one else.
845-  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1932) Banned for years because Frederich March's makeup as Hyde appeared to make him look African to some people (I don't see it), a great performance which earned him an Oscar.
1030- FREAKS (1932) If you've seen this before and were disappointed actually watch it this time.  A masterpiece of early horror with REAL circus freaks.  They are REAL.  No special effects kids.
1145- THE MASK OF Fu MANCHU (1932) Boris Karloff as the insidious and evil Dr Fu with Myrna Loy as his beautiful daughter.  Batman fans, Fu is the basis for Ra's Ah Ghul.  Delightful film that would have been my Must See Pick if the movie that caused me to choose my haircut wasn't on later in the week (see Friday).
1pm- MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (1932) Bela Lugosi decides mating a gorilla with a young woman is a good idea, loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's novel.
215- ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1933) Are we not men?  The Island of Doctor Moreau filmed for the first time.
330- MAD LOVE (1935) The Hands of Orlac done American Style-- Peter Lorre is terrific in this one, and Colin Clive is about to have a nervous breakdown.
445- MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935) This COULD have been the ULTIMATE Dracula film, the Ultimate Hollywood Vampire film.  Bela Lugosi as a Dracula-esque character with Lionel Barrymore as an American Van Helsing.  Still good-- could have been great.
600- THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1939) Charles Laughton gives a great performance as the Hunchback.


Friday there are a couple of notables films being shown from my collection:
6am is THE SMILING GHOST (1941) a rare horror haunted house mystery comedy from Warner Bros with a great cast.
CONFLICT is on at 1pm, this suspense film from 1945 features Humphrey Bogart plots to murder his wife so he can marry her sister.  Reaches but entertaining.

At 8pm is THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE (1945) which is a legendary suspense horror film sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and at 1115pm is THE BLACK CAT (1934) with Boris Karloff (he's got my haircut) and Bela Lugosi as rivals who play a cat and mouse game of torture and re-animating the dead with a devil cult mixed in for good measure.  David Manners as the husband half of a honey moon couple is the most ineffectual "hero" ever put on film.  It's my MUST SEE PIC PICK of the week.

Saturday you've got BOSTON BLACKIE getting into it at 1045am in TRAPPED BY BOSTON BLACKIE (1948) these later Blackie films are a bit tired, followed by three chapters of DICK TRACY in his first serial adventure.

The ESSENTIALS at 8pm is JEZEBEL (1938) with Bette Davis.  It's also got Henry Fonda in it, directed by William Wyler and written by John Huston, how could it not be good?