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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Let's be honest here.  Neal Adams could own this planet if he wanted to.  Not only is he the greatest comic book artist to ever walk with mortals he's also a real life tough guy-- he's the one who stood up and got pensions for Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster when the rest of us were running for our careers.

Adams version of any character is definitive, and Batman is no exception.  He single handedly restored good ol' Batman to his creature of the night status simply by drawing him shadowy in night scenes even when the writer called for daytime.

These top three Batman artists are nearly interchangeable, and of the three picks I'm going to discuss he's the one with the most Batman credits in his utility belt.

His work is perfect and the level for which the rest of us strive for.  Realistic but still with a sense of style.  As a kid, any book by Neal Adams was devoured and never traded-- even for King Kong Bubble Gum Cards-- and that's saying something.

Why isn't Adams #1 then?  I hear you asking-- well, it's tough to choose the top-- and one of the things I admire about the next artist on the list is he combined the best of the past with his own sense of style.

TOMORROW: The #2 artist on Batman