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Friday, June 15, 2012

GREAT BATMAN ARTISTS #1: Bernie Wrightson

Looks like we made it-- my choice for the #1 Batman artist of all time, ladies and gentleman;

Bernie Wrightson.

The master of the macabre has drawn Batman a number of times and as covers and illustrations but nothing tops SWAMP THING #7 from 1973 (pictured above).  With impossibly large ears and a solid grasp on both anatomy and form & shadow Wrightson knocked this one out of the stratosphere, creating a Batman that was believable, frightening and stylized!

He's got the best of all the best in his work-- and I could stare at his work all day long and never tire of it.  He's also a master of storytelling and knowing what to use and what to pass on.

A brilliant artist-- and my choice for THE Batman artist.