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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update: Which DC Comics Character is Gay?

I'm not sure if its been officially announced but the big money is going on Green Lantern as being the character set to come out of the closet of the DC Offices.   I know what you're saying;

"But Andy, you said it was unlikely!"

Yes I did.  I was talking about the same Green Lantern you're thinking of-- the one in the green suit played by whatever the name of that plastic actor from EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH is, Ryan Rummers or who cares.   It ain't that Green Lantern.

As I predicted, the "major" character in the DC Universe is one likely 95% of the general public didn't even know existed-- the Earth Two Green Lantern who fought crime in Gotham City in the 1940s.

Yes, in the DC Universe there was once a place called Earth Two.   It was a world exactly like ours-- in fact it was ours where characters that existed in the 1940s still existed in the 1940s and you didn't have to explain why an eighty year old guy still looked good in tights (does anyone?) in 1986.

Earth Two was the Earth that came first-- 'our' Earth was Earth One-- this was the version of Earth which was populated in the present day with costumed characters.  Makes no sense why it wouldn't be the other way around if the other Earth came first, but that's comics for ya.

Now many of you may be wondering why I'm even discussing this topic, since a character's sexual exploitations mean as much to me as a real person's--- i.e. it's none of my business and I do not care.  I brought this up in the first place because it's part of being a writer to inject 'realism' into your work, but many times we skirt the fine line between realism and gimmick when we try and do that-- and unfortunately more times than not.

With comic book superheroes, especially Marvel Comics superheroes, their personal lives are very much a part of the storyline.  Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker is a struggling High School or College Kid whose aunt is so broke she has to portion out sections of her dearly departed husbands boots for stew each night, and Pete spends much of his waking hours pondering how he can help her.

Tony Stark might be Iron Man, but for a time he was also a heavy drinker whose alcoholism was taking a heavy toll on both his health and his ability to effectively be Iron Man.

Daredevil was blind attorney Matt Murdock who struggled so hard with keeping his secret identity he once faked his own death and then tried to fool everyone into thinking he was his own non-blind twin brother Mike (I didn't say every story line was great).

But that's what made Marvel Comics more popular than DC Comics.  Characters had real problems.
Batman and Superman were busy trying to fool Lois Lane for the 10,000 time that she was wrong about their secret identities by using robot twins of themselves or rubber life masks that fit right over Batman's mask--ears and all.  DC Comics continued to use contrived comic book devices in their stories while Marvel did their best to make their characters alive.

And it's continued to this day-- even with the relaunch of The New 52 which has proven extremely popular, they are unable to inject character traits above the cardboard level into their characters-- and Marvel hasn't fared much better as of late, devolving their own characters into multi issue story arcs and nonsense to the point that there is little difference between the two companies.

So will this shocking outing of a major DC Comics character add personality and life to the original Green Lantern?  Or will it just have people saying "Who?".

We'll see.