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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nu Cafe on Chandler Street

An Early Thursday Afternoon at Nu

Josh and his team are getting it done at Nu Cafe in The Big Woo-- a thriving and lively environment which hosts live music on Wednesday nights and an inviting place to get out of the studio and work a couple days a week (at least for me).

It's in the old Tatnuck Bookseller location, with it's exposed brick and skylights-- and  the food is above what you expect to find at a coffee shop-- certainly beats the stale pizza at Holy or The Counter.  In fact the ingredients seem very fresh and the menu is just diverse enough to keep it interesting.

The coffee is the smooth mellow kind and except for the fact that they close at the relatively early hour (at least for a coffee shop) of 9pm it's just about perfect.

Check it out when you're on the West Side.