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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

I don't need an excuse to eat Mexican Food, but if you do here's one-- it's the fifth of May!  Woo!
The date celebrates Mexico's unlikely victory over the French in 1862, back in the days I guess when the French didn't surrender at the first sign of trouble.

But anyway, some good Mexican around here;

Tortilla Sam's on Highland Street-- it's more Tex-Mex and less authentic, but it's cheap and the food is mostly good.

Mezcal on Shrewsbury Street-- I've never been there but Veronica has and she's quite picky and recommends it.  I instantly don't like a place if it becomes a hotspot but maybe this should be overlooked if the food is half as good as it's reputation.

Azteca in Lincoln Plaza might be a chain, but it's got the best damn Polo Loco on the planet--and the refried beans are worth killing someone over.

Tacos Acapulco on Rt 9 in Shrewsbury-- authentic food, authentic Siesta level service, so be ready to ask how your order is coming along.

The Alamo in Milford is really good too-- be prepared to hear about the kid from Malcom in the Middle because it's his folks that own it-- and stay away from the Peanut Butter Chicken-- otherwise, a great little place.