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Friday, May 18, 2012

Boston Comic Con Wrap Up

Pic of the show from last year via THE COMIC KING
Boston Comic Con has grown into a pretty huge event since the days when it was situated in the Back Bay in a few small rooms just 4-5 years ago.  Organized by the fine folks at Bedrock Comics in Framingham it has grown with an amazing focus on comics-- which sounds ridiculous I know, but in this day when the San Diego Comic Con is more about movies than anything to do with Comics that's a big sentence.

I've done cons all over the country-- from New York to Chicago to the West Coast and I have to say that Boston now stands with the best of them.

This year, I attended at the behest of Emerson College, to promote their online comics/graphic novel program and talked to many prospective students about joining.  As an aside, Emerson's program is top notch and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring the art form.

Veronica attended as well, although situated a few rows over in artists alley along with our good buddy and fellow comic artist Brit Snyder.  Doing the show for Emerson presented a challenge for me financially since I wasn't hawking any of my own work or books, but still I managed to knock out a few quick sketches for fans and meet some great people.

The show runs every April at the Hynes and I'm already excited to sign up for next year.