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Monday, April 30, 2012


Nobody Lives Forever (1946) is on tonight at 8pm-- I've never seen it but it's got John Garfield in it and I've never seen him in anything that wasn't at least watchable.

SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS is on Wednesday at 8pm-- if you're a fan of the movie OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU and if you're not you should be-- this movie is where they get the title from.  Joel McCrea is a movie director who wants to experience the life of the lost man, so he embarks on a journey that is both hilarious and violent.  This week's MUST SEE pic.  Make sure you see the opening for some of the best slapstick put to film.

At 11:30pm the same night is THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943) which would be the Must See if Sullivan wasn't on-- it's about the housing shortage in WWII Washington.

Saturday at 6am is THE THIEF OF BAGDHAD (1940) which is a great little fantasy film, the Boston Blackie this week is BOOKED ON SUSPICION (1945) at 1045am

The Essentials this week is CAMILLE (1936) with Greta Garbo in a lavish MGM production.  I'm not a fan of MGM lavish productions but I do like Garbo.