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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Spider in Process DYNAMITE

DYNAMITE Entertainment has the license for some amazing characters including THE SPIDER, THE SHADOW, ZORRO and a whole host of others!  As a life-long pulp fan I've got to get in there with one of their titles-- so I'm going to work up some samples to send over and thought I'd let you get a look at my process.

First step is to figure out the story-- since this is a sample I want to get right to the action-- thugs standing around about to be jacked by The Spider seems pretty solid.  So I draw out my thumbnails in green full size on a digital tablet.  I even drop the lettering on top of those pencils.

One of the benefits to working digitally is that I don't have to pencil crazy details and can get right into the inks.  I wanted the gangster characters to have some real style so giving one of them rat-like features seemed like a good idea.

I am pretty fast-- I can do about two pages a day at this pace not including colors-- and I'll send them both BW and color samples from these.

TOMORROW- The finished BW page.