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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


March is YOUTH ART MONTH which is an event created by the MAEA in 1961 which runs at WAM every year and it's far and wide my favorite show at WAM.  I am always excited to see the work of students from Elementary up through High School chosen by art teachers to be displayed in the Higgins Wing gallery.

I've been asked back to speak at YAM's opening night even (which is tomorrow) where I will emphasize to parents the importance of fostering the next big generation of artists and the role they'll play.  Art Education is often cut because short sighted politicians see it as recreational-- IMAGINE a world with no art-- with no design.  Do you want to have a world that looks like the DMV or the Unemployment office?  Remember the WENDY'S commercial about a fashion show in the Soviet Union where everyone wore the same gray overalls?

That's what we would face without art and design.

Swing by and check out the exhibit while it's up-- you will be amazed and hopeful for the next generation of great artists.