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Sunday, March 4, 2012


New York City Clown
I was in New York, speaking at the NAAE Conference and grabbing as much city time as both my time and the weather will allow.

I remember a song my buddy Tony and I would sing on our way into the city for the latest convention or for art classes at SVA--

New York New York
A heckuva town
It's streets are dirty
and it's people are clowns.

Okay, so my skills as a lyricist were wanting back then, but the tune was very catchy.

It's a busy month- I spoke at Career Day at WAM at the end of last month, talking to youth about careers in the Ahts.  Yesterday I was talking to art educators about encouraging students to persue careers in the ahts and later this month I'm addressing Youth Art Month at WAM where I'm talking to parents about not having a stroke when their kid comes to them and says they want to go to art school.

Sometimes I even believe the stuff I tell them.