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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super Tuesday

Photo from a London Paper predicting who the candidate would be

In 2008 I voted for CHANGE and that's now what I have in my bank account, thanks in no small part to $4-$5 gasoline and a whole lotta other things Washington does that causes me grief.  Harry Truman -- the last great president we had who came from the Senate said of his office "The Buck Stops here" and I agree with him.  You get the credit or the blame when you're in the big office.

Looking at the picture, I don't know who the first doofus to the left is (Tim Pawlenty?) but I certainly know the next two.  Michelle Bachman's husband turns gay people straight for a living.  Uh huh.  Have you looked in HIS closet Michelle?  I'm betting you'll find some size 11 pumps.

Next to the lovely Michelle is Rick Santorum, a man who if he gets the Republican nomination I will change my voter status from lifelong R to I the day it's announced.  I do not want this bible thumping father of 7 kids telling me what I should or shouldn't be doing in my personal life while he makes such stellar choices as trying to bring back the sweater vest as a men's fashion option.

Mitt was my boy back in the 90s.  Campaigned for him when he ran (and lost) against fat graft Teddy Kennedy in the Senate, and was back again when he ran for Governor.  When he won I was working at the totally unbiased Worcester Telegram and Gazette and laughed at the faces of the editors who were walking around with their chins on the ground as if the world had just come to an end.

But Mitt did the John McCain thing from 2008-- he changed to get the Republican base of whacked out social conservatives and started answering questions like a politician-- which means he's either flip flopping (as he did recently with the issue of contraceptive being included in health care requirements) or he's just NOT answering at all-- opting instead to just ramble on message.

Sorry Mitt-- I think you're losing me.  A note to Scott Brown (R-MA), don't do this when you get the chance.  Stick to your real beliefs, there are more sane people in the Republican party-- the ones who elected Ronald Reagan (our greatest president after Jefferson) than there are crazies.

Sarah Palin?  Hoo boy you betcha!  She's the reason I voted for Barrack Obama last time around.

Newt Gingrich?  I gotta say I like that's he's crazy enough to say what's on his mind.  It just troubles me when I find out what it is.

So this past Super Tuesday I voted for Ron Paul-- a guy who has as much chance of being president as I do, but at least I feel like he actually says what he means.

This November?  There is a chance A CHANCE that I might go with Obama again-- for one reason and one reason only.

He got Osama Bin Laden.

Had I been president in 2001 I would have moved mountains to get him.  I would have had my generals in my office every morning explaining exactly why his head wasn't sitting on my desk-- and I guarantee you it would not have taken ten years to get him.   W lost me with his lack of focus and wasting out time in Iraq.

But I have a feeling if Obama gets in again we'll be looking at $6 gasoline and a heck of a lot more CHANGE in our pockets.