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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Need a New Coffeemaker

Yes Veronica I know, we have seven coffee makers, two Melitta Cone Cup devices, an espresso machine and a percolator-- but I've yet to find the perfect coffee maker for my studio.

The Melitta cone is great-- delivers a fresh hot cup of coffee in a matter of minutes.

The trouble is I have to make it.  I need a coffee maker that comes with a waitress, preferably one that can carry six cups at a time-- so that I can just call out "COFFEE!" and in she comes.

I'd like her name to be Madge and I want her to be sassy.  I want her to give me a little grief that I drink too much coffee and maybe it wouldn't hurt if I went for a run once in a while.

I know what you're saying; "But isn't that what interns are for?"


But I still have to show them HOW to make the coffee and they are seldom here at 5am.