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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its Good To Be Regular

Wow I let these posts get close.
Faithful readers of Fish Wrap will know that I write these far in advance, sometimes MONTHS.  Does that ruin the magic-- I'm sorry.

But occasionally I get bogged down with things like work and deadlines and I'll fall behind my pre-fab posts.

Tonight however, the internet is frantic in my studio (VERIZON really does suck as an internet provider.  I dig the cell phone service but the reliability of their web service is awful) with my online Emerson class starting in about an hour so I can quick jot off a few of these here posts.  I can't guarantee anything is going to be good (but c'mon-- who are we kidding-- how good are any of these).

What they will be is fresh.   Never a re-run here at Fish Wrap-- unless I fall WAY behind.