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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coffee Shop Working

I like to get out of the studio once in a while and work somewhere else.  Sometimes I've even done art at a coffee shop but it tends to lead to people coming over and asking questions so normally I'll stick with any writing I have to do.

Tonight I'm at a coffee shop with pretty good sandwiches and some mediocre coffee.  There's a guy playing a Bob Dylan song I've never heard of with a level of skill that matches the coffee.  No need for an amp in space this small and in fact I think he'd sound better if it were acoustic.

I feel bad for the guy sitting across from me.  He knows the guitar player but has been here longer than I have-- trying to get some work done, and when the guitar player came over to say hello to him I think he felt obligated to stop and pay attention, unlike the thirty or so other people in the place.

I'm not sure why coffee shops think live music is a good idea, nobody ever seems to notice it anyway, they just raise the level of their conversations to compensate for the noise.

Around me are some interesting folks; a large group of knitters with a young girl clearly dragged here by mom who is sitting with her iPod trying hard to make time pass.

A young couple clearly on a first date.  The awkward silence is making ME uncomfortable.  Two girls in their pajamas are on the other side (WHY do people think Pajamas are okay in public) and a very obnoxious couple who don't seem to think they have to buy anything to sit here-- guess the library is closed.

I'm not complaining, I like the chance to get out somewhere else and work once in a while.