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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wally Wood

Wally Wood was possibly the best artist to ever work in comics.  His lush brushwork and sharp distinctive style influenced countless generations of fans.  IDW Publishing gives WOOD the Artist Edition Treatment he deserves with the latest in their series of AMAZING art books;

These artists edition are amazing HUGE books which reprint the original art from COLOR scans even though the images themselves are black and white-- which allows you to see every brush stroke, bit of white out and more.  These are amazing and already they've done editions for Dave Stevens ROCKETEER (which took an Eisner Award for best reprint), John Romita Sr and Walter Simonson editions.  This one is sold out before it even printed, but you can sign up should they decide to do a second run.

EVERY serious artist who works in ink should have a copy of this book in their libraries.  I'm planning on buying two so that when it's worth THOUSANDS in a few years I won't be tempted to sell my only copy.

There have been several books written on Wood detailing the tragedies of his life, but this one only celebrates his work-- and anyone who appreciates brush-work will love this.  Don't wait for this on Amazon.