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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UMass Comic Art Show

UMass Lowell has a terrific graphic novel show up until the end of March-- A PICTURE'S WORTH features work by a variety of terrific comic artists including Liz Prince, Gareth Hinds and my amazingly talented wife Veronica Fish.

These three artists spoke to a group of about 100 or so attendees speaking about their process, inspiration and the path their work takes.

Afterwards we had the pleasure of finally meeting Ming Doyle and her charming partner Neil who were both in the audience.  I first learned of Ming's work through DC Comics and Veronica pointed her out to me at a Boston Comic Con when she zoomed past us in a Robin Costume.  Her work is energetic and she shares a crazed Batman obsession with me (we talked Batman statues).

Veronica talked about her work on FRANKENSTEIN and showed the cover to my DRACULA book during her lecture.  Back in the gallery I had an interesting conversation with an equally interesting woman who clearly had an interest in the "ahts".

"Now, what's the name of the fella who wrote Frankenstein?"  She asked me.
"You mean,  Mary?"
"No. No the guy who wrote Frankenstein."
"Mary Shelley.  She's not a guy.  Do you mean her husband Percy--"
"NO.  The Irish guy who wrote Frankenstein."
"Bram Stoker?"
"Yes!  That's the guy!"
"Well, he didn't write Frankenstein, he wrote Dracula."
"Oh, it's the same thing."
"Same thing if you consider different gender, about 80 years apart and different countries."
"Oh, he's being mean to me!"
"How am I being mean?"
"Different continent!-- it's the same thing!"
"I didn't say different continent-- they were both in Europe."

Veronica, ever the diplomat, chimed in.
"Well, one of the stories that inspired Dracula was written on that same weekend that Shelley wrote Frankenstein."

So a great exhibit, some fantastic artists and a nice dinner at EVO on our way home.