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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm scrapping my original plan for DRACULA and going at it again.  This time I'm doing it in just two 124pg parts-- and the big news;  IN FULL COLOR!   For those of you who bought the black and white version and who've given me tremendous feedback-- thank you!  Consider that test footage.

The new version is streamlined, 90% new content and it's allowed me to re-think my original plan.  I've gone back to the drawing board on this one and have decided part one will be set in 1897 Europe just as Stoker wrote it originally.  It will be very faithful to the original spirit of the vampire classic.  I'm still going to explore some of the subplots Stoker only hinted at, like the relationship between Harker - Mina and Quincy.  I'm also going to get further into the horrors of the haunted woods around Castle Dracula in Transylvania.

Part One, which will run 124 pages will tell the entire original story.
Part Two, which will also run 124 pages will be a sequel of sorts, set in 1931 Europe as I had originally envisioned it, with the growing of the Nazi movement and it's build towards World War II.

Did I mention Full color??
Part One from McFarland Press this September, just in time for Halloween!