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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love movies and hate sports-- but more than anything I hate Sports Movies.

Okay, I love GOING to College Football Games, I do watch both NCAA football and basketball on a regular basis, but as for pro league-- I will catch MAYBE one NBA game all season, a couple of Pat's games (especially playoffs) but as far as I'm concerned Baseball is a sport for old men to sit around and nap while 'watching'.

I tell you all this because I loved MONEYBALL (2011) with Brad Pitt.  It's a sports movie that isn't.  Instead of focusing on the nail biting drama of whether or not this rag-tag band of misfits can win a Championship game (and there is a bit of that in here) it's more about the business of a the game.

There is some inspired casting too-- and I'm not talking about Pitt even though I think he's often underrated, I'm talking about the casting of some real life scouts in the challenging roles of scouts. It brings a level of reality to the film that elevates it above your average Hollywood under-dog movie.