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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Gnomes

All right I know, if I'm reading your blog and you're recommending a band called THE GNOMES I'd be looking at you funny and wondering if I misjudged your tastes.

First Night Worcester was pretty quiet.  We got our badges from the Museum and glanced through the program to see what we'd like to see and honestly it looked like most of it was for kids.  We opted for an absolutely FANTASTIC dinner at LUCKY's and then decided to head over to Mechanics Hall for the Improv Boston comedy show-- which is always extremely popular.

Dinner took a bit longer than we planned, no complaints, they had a great bluesy guitar player doing Stevie Wonder songs so when we saw the line for the Improv we decided to go with our backup which was THE GNOMES.  Listed as infusing world music, Celtic and Calypso with a Latin infusion I figured it would be pretty good.  It was better than pretty good-- it was absolutely fantastic.  Exactly the kind of music that is great to have on in the studio while you're working or while teaching a class so I grabbed both of their CDs after the performance was over.

AND they were tremendous fun.  I love performers who don't take themselves too seriously.  A puppeteer years past at First Night would continually stop his performance to ask for the children to be quiet-- and I'm pretty sure it was me who was making the most noise because I was laughing at how pretentious this clown was.

But these guys are great- -check out their website and sample some music.