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Friday, January 20, 2012

Books I Will Keep in the Apocolypse

Hitchcock (Revised Edition)
I'm asked, mostly by librarians requesting I return them, what books in my vast collection of books I consider MUST HAVES.  HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAULT is probably top on that list.

It's a documentation of a long conversation between two of the top director's of all time.  Getting into Hitch's head as to why he filmed what he filmed, why he chose certain script elements and his secrets to storytelling is instrumental to my own work in fiction.

A similar book in the same vein is EISNER/MILLER in which two heavyweights of the Comic Book field discuss and debate issues they feel are important.

As I often tell my students, if you admire an artist or writer don't just look at their work, look at the work that inspired them and back one further generation if possible.  You'll get a more pure insight into what works for them and that will only help you.