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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Scattered throughout Texas is the beacon known as WHATABURGER-- many open 24 hours-- I approached this orange, white and blue mecca with trepidation--each person I mentioned it to replied with the same exact phrase:

"Oh, they started in Corpus Christi and expanded all over the state."

I'm not sure what bearing that has on "How are the burgers at Whataburger?" but that was the response I got no less than six times.

I guess I should have asked it the same way I did when I would ask about another apparently endless chain in the area;

"Is the Waffle House as scary as it looks?"

By the way, I was told Waffle House is well worth checking out so please hold your angry pro-Waffle House emails-- I don't even like Waffles.

But I do like Hamburgers.   It took quite a bit of convincing to get Veronica to go in, but once inside with it's somewhat worn down interior and slightly dirty counter I was just about to turn around and leave when one of the people I thought was asleep piped up (and by piped I mean mumbled) "Welcome to Whataburger, can I take your order?"

What the hell, I thought-- take a chance.

And I had probably the best burger I've had outside of a Kobi Burger at EVO on Park Ave or one of the dreamy burgers at Gourmet Market at Porter Square in Cambridge.  And the fries were pretty good to.  I also loved the packaging but I'm a sucker for orange.

If WhatABurger heads east, I'll be the first in line.