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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This lot valued at $4000 -- you could have bought it for $1000

COMICS have been making HEADLINES for record-breaking sales of old comics.  A copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $1.2 Million-- and you could have bought it for $900 in 1980--  not a bad return.  Try getting that at a bank.

No matter the amount of time or money you have to invest it's time to think seriously about Funny Books as a portion of your 401K plan.  A VF+ 8.5 copy of WHIZ COMICS #2 (first real Captain Marvel) sold for $17,500 in August, four months later that same copy sold for $167,000!  Comics are hot and learning the ins and outs of grading, choosing the right books and finding the right places to buy them is no more difficult than any other type of investing, but you need someone to show you the right path.

That's why we've added this to our growing list of workshops:

It's our latest offering in our extensive Workshop Programs!  

Who Knew those comics your Mom threw out would be worth so much money!?  This fun, informative and serious look at creating an investment portfolio in COMICS can give you returns you could never imagine.  
All Ages (18+) can benefit from BUYING the RIGHT comics and this informative lecture will give you specific examples of what to look for, where to start and how much is too much to pay.  Buying the right comics are a guaranteed investment, find out what titles and issues have NEVER lost their value and continue to grow.  We'll look at key issues, explain conditions and more!
A recent issue of WHIZ COMICS returned 3000% in less than five months-- try to get that rate at your local bank! 

CHECK OUT OUR WORKSHOP PAGE to find out more and book one for your institution!