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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great Comic Covers: THE KING does FF #77

Jack Kirby Gets it done.

One of the primary reasons to collect comics is for the great cover art-- and unfortunately with all due respect to my peers todays comic covers just miss the mark more often than not.  Current day publishers are interested in making the covers look like book covers and dropping the amazing energy of work like this one.

FANTASTIC FOUR #77 by Jack "King" Kirby-- Kirby was one of the co-creators of the Marvel Universe and his run on Fantastic Four (which started with #1) peaked around issue #40 and rocked all the way up to #100 with each cover kicking it to the last one.

This one has a tremendous sense of composition as well as color harmony which would have made this pop on a newstand back in 1968-- if I was around shopping there's NO WAY I would have passed this one by.

Growing up as a DC Fan I didn't appreciate Kirby-- nicknamed The King of Comics for his sheer output and amazing speed.  Kirby is now one of my absolute favorites.

I had the pleasure of having a correspondence with this master of my favorite medium-- and at one of our get together's at a con in New York City he and I were having a great conversation when Mary Hart and the Entertainment Tonight crew interrupted us to have a word with him-- he firmly told them he was in the middle of a conversation with an old friend and proceeded to show them one of my books.  I was touched at the generosity of this amazing man and miss him everyday.

Newstand Price:        12c
NM Price Today:  $100