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Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Program Description
Emerson College's Graphic Novel Writing and Illustration Online Program offers the perfect opportunity to develop your writing and illustration skills, and adapt your creative talents to the exciting graphic-novel medium. Through the program, you will explore your interest in picture books, novellas, and comic strips in courses designed to chronicle the literature and artwork of graphic novels.
You also will delve into the world of graphic-novel writing and illustration through a course of study focused on specific story-writing and image-creation techniques. Participants who complete the five core courses, including the portfolio project, and one elective from the non-credit graphic novel and illustration series will earn the Graphic Novel Writing and Illustration Certificate.

Who Should Enroll

The Graphic Novel Writing and Illustration Program is open to creative writers, graphic and fine artists, graphic-novel aficionados, and individuals who would like to develop writing and illustration skills to create a graphic novel. Each program participant may enroll in one or several multi-session courses to match his or her personal objectives and schedule.* The certificate, however, will be awarded only to participants who successfully complete all components of the Graphic Novel Writing and Illustration Certificate Program.
*Note: Participants must hold a minimum of a high school diploma or GED to enroll in graphic novel writing and illustration courses and workshops offered by the Department of Professional Studies and Special Programs.

As one of the faculty I can tell you that YOU will get the same education regarding sequential art as you would at SVA in New York City or other similar programs-- and you will save several THOUSAND dollars.  In fact, one class is $3000 less than it is at SVA.

SIGN UP NOW!  Classes start in January.  NOW that they are ONLINE you can take the class in your pajamas from anywhere in the world!  Make this the year that you make it happen.