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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Artist Friend Links; Allison "BAMCAT" Bamford!

Allison Bamford was one of my favorite students at MassArt-- hardworking and sometimes too enthusiastic in her work-- she would often complete a piece before deadline and before I had a chance to do a step by step critique but almost everytime she did it the way I would have suggested it--and sometimes she'd do things that would surprise me and it worked.

Slightly younger than some of her classmates, and I felt almost constantly in the shadow of Lindsay "Legend" Small-Butera it was a tough environment for Bamcat, but her incredible work ethic and determination was clear and I had/have no doubt she would find her way and be among my most successful students.  She was a fighter.


Not that long after she's a valued member of the CONVERSE design team and making great strides to brand herself and her art and connecting with her large and diverse fanbase.  Swing on by her site to check out her amazing artwork and while you're there consider a visit to her Etsy store for some great art for presents that will dazzle those on your list with items you won't find anywhere else.

I own a few Bamcat originals and they hang proudly in my studio next to the work of Trevor Von Eeden, Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Jim Aparo and John Romita Sr.

She's in good company.