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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Taken from theWIZARD site-- used with permission
 Yesterday was a madhouse of comic book fans, sci fi geeks and just general all around good folks-- I always grumble about doing shows because its a lot of work but in reality its also a lot of fun.  We met quite a few fans yesterday and in between sketching I talked Dracula to Barry from San Antonio who has copies of my DRACULA book on both his Nook and in print.  Go Barry!

Today we are one of the passport stations for Wizard World KIDS-- an event where youngsters have to get a passport book stamped as they race through the convention hall, and at 11:30 we're doing a HOW TO DRAW SUPERHEROES demonstration in Room A.

My favorite part of any CON has to be the fans in costume-- from the ones that look like they came straight off the page to the ones that should get some reflective surfaces in their homes it's just fun to see what they come up with.

HIGHLIGHTS of the costumers for me;
BATMAN Guy-- this guy had to be close to 60 but he had the attitude right.  I'm not sure if he's a cop in real life but he certainly seemed like he might be.
INSPECTOR GADGET -- I mean, c'mon right? Complete with propellers~!
MRS THE MONARCH from the Venture Bros! 
GWEN STACY complete with snapped webbing around her foot!  Too bad Spidey!
RED ROBIN- played by a kid about 12 years old.

One of the nice things about being a guest of the show is that you get to spend some down time with the invited celebrities.  Chandler Riggs (THE WALKING DEAD) was too cute for words.  When I told him he looked taller on TV he said he gets that a lot, and I had a chance to chat with Juliet Landau (ED WOOD) to talk a bit about working with Tim Burton as well as catch up with what her dad, the great Martin Landau was up to.

It's a HUGE show-- I've yet to get around to the whole thing, but I hope to tomorrow.  Honestly,  if you attended this as a fan you couldn't see all of it in just three days.

The convention runs until 5 today so if you're in the Austin Texas area swing on by!  Then it's back to HOUSTON for us for one more night-- then a short plane ride back to good ol' Boston-- and on to my next graphic novel-- which I will announce later this week.